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Alan Cook

Alan has been in the motorcycle industry all of his life after starting as an apprentice technician. He has gained experience with Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki at franchise dealerships, eventually becoming Service Manager at Crescent Suzuki.


At Crescents, Alan was not only running the workshop operations but developing and machining cylinder heads for the factory Suzuki race team, as well as being the chief dyno technician.

After operating his own Superstock race team he decided to open Road and Racing Performance which has complemented his involvement in all of the major classes of production based motorcycle racing.


Renowned as an expert on the dyno whether it be for flashing an ecu or fuelling your bike, Alan enjoys working with all makes and models to get the optimum performance out of each bike for the customer to enjoy on the road or track.

Director & Chief Technician


Andy Oakes

Andy has always been in the motor industry after starting with a Honda dealer as an apprentice. Through the owner of the dealership who raced himself, Andy was able to progress to becoming a racing mechanic on the speedway circuits at first and subsequently moving into road racing.

After 25+ years of motorcycles, he became a chief technician for a company involved with the restoration of prestigious vehicles before becoming involved with a British Sidecar Championship team and responsible for their engine preparation and development, resulting in 2 British championship titles.

Andy can now be found in the engine department at Road and Racing Performance meticulously preparing all makes of engines and gearboxes from 2 stroke 65’s to 1000cc 4cylinders.

Engine Technician


Douggie Randal

Douggie is a former Isle of Man TT competitor, having competed there from 1974 to 1984 with a career best 7th in the Blue Riband Senior TT in 1980 with an average speed of 107.35 mph.


He ran his own bike dealership in Newbury for 30 years and during this time assisted Jim Moodie to the British Supersport title in 1998 and 1999.


Douggie has many years of experience with all types of road and racing motorcycle engines and works in the Road and Racing Performance engine department making customer engines fast and reliable.

Engine Technician


Simon Green

Simon has a wealth of experience in all types of motorcycles beginning as a technician in retail dealerships and progressing to crew chief in the World Superbike paddock.


His most recent major success was as crew chief for Leon Haslam winning the 2018 British Superbike title for Kawasaki and previously winning the 2001 British Supersport as the Suzuki crew chief for the late Karl Harris.


He has also raced at club level on the short circuits and on the Isle of Man before moving into the technical side of racing full-time.

Simon has also had experience as an official Ohlins suspension factory technician at British Superbike meetings working with teams on their bike set up.

Race & Service Technician



Reggie is responsible for security and can often be seen patrolling the premises.


Although he is a softie, Reggie takes his job very seriously and can be very assertive when unhappy about somebody misbehaving.


“ I bark at the bad people first to give them a chance to behave. If they do not stop running then I like to catch them and give them a Reggie tickle. Bad people taste very good. Dad then says good boy Reggie and gives me a bone. This makes Reggie happy”

Head of Security

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