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Whether you require a radial brake master cylinder, radial calipers, floating discs, road or race brake pads or braided brake lines, Road and Racing Performance can provide a variety of options to suit your riding and budget.


The top brands are available and their race technicians can fit the parts for safety and your peace of mind.


Chains & Sprockets

There are a variety of chain and sprocket sizes available but Road and Racing Performance can provide you with any pitch chain or sprocket size for standard motorcycles or race wheels, through their team of suppliers to suit your budget and type of riding or racing for your bike. 



From your head to your toes, Road and Racing Performance can kit you out in the latest clothing for your style of riding. Iconic brands such as Furygan, Shark and now the prestigious Dainese can be purchased with advice provided on fitment and the most suitable options available to you.


Performance Tuning Parts

Increasing the performance of your bike is a speciality to the Road and Racing Performance team. Every part they sell has been tested previously and known to provide a practical benefit or additional power and speed on their Dyno. A new exhaust system, a power commander, race ECU, high flow air filter or performance spark plugs are just some of the options available.


Servicing Oils & Lubricants

Stockists of Motul products and currently using Motul 300V as their standard service oil, Road and Racing Performance trust the experience of Motul to lubricate their road and race engines, including using their chain lubrication spray, brake fluids, coolant, etc. Motul has a wide range of oils and these can be provided with a filter to online customers who wish to service their own bike.



Having a good working suspension on your motorcycle is extremely important whether this is on the road or race track. Without this, poor handling may result which can either be potentially dangerous or slow your lap times. Road and Racing Performance can either service or provide a fresh set up for your existing forks or shock absorber or provide you with new units, fit them and set up your suspension to suit your weight and riding style.



There are many different wheel options and Road and Racing Performance supply brands which are proven on the road or track. Forged alloy or carbon fibre options are available which are both lighter and stronger than most OEM wheels. Lighter and stronger increases speed and braking so let them advise you on your options.


RRP & Other Brands

Road and Racing Performance manufacture a variety of road and race items for certain makes and models. They also can supply a number of other parts and accessories for most makes and models so whatever your requirement may be, please contact the team who will be pleased to assist.

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